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Although duration itself can never be negative, convexity can make it negative, since there are some securities, such as some mortgage-backed securities that exhibit negative convexity, meaning that the bond changes in price in the same direction as the yield changes.For example, a 5 year coupon bond might be subject to less interest rate risk than a 4 year zero coupon bond.

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A zero coupon bond does not pay interest but instead carries a discount to.The convexity can actually have several values depending on the convexity adjustment formula used.Therefore, Frederick Macaulay reasoned that a better measure of interest rate risk is to consider a coupon bond as a series of zero-coupon bonds, where each payment is a zero-coupon bond weighted by the present value of the payment divided by the bond price.

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It can easily be seen that modified duration changes as the yield changes because it is obvious that the slope of the line changes with different yields.

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A stripped bond is a zero coupon bond that results from stripping the coupons and.If you do not include the words, the email will be deleted automatically.Example: Using the Simplified Bond Pricing Formula. To calculate the accrued interest on a zero coupon bond,.

Convexity Duration is only an approximation of the change in bond price.However, changes in perception of the risk of default may also change bond prices, blunting or augmenting what duration would predict.To add further to the confusion, sometimes both convexity measure formulas are calculated by multiplying the denominator by 100, in which case, the corresponding convexity adjustment formulas are multiplied by 10,000 instead of just 100.

Mid-Term Exam Practice Set and Solutions. and type of questions included in,.Modified duration, on the other hand, does measure the sensitivity of changes in bond price with changes in yield.A type of bond called a zero-coupon bond is a good example of a bond that is sold at. clear answers for common questions.Bond Pricing - 10 Zero-coupon bond: Example 4: Compute the price of a 10-year zero-coupon bond.The zero coupon bond effective yield formula is used to calculate the periodic return for a zero coupon bond, or sometimes referred to as a discount bond.Nonetheless, interest rate risk can easily be compared by comparing the durations of different bonds or portfolios.Therefore, yield volatility, and therefore, interest rate risk, is greater for securities with more default risk, even if their durations are the same.

The Term Structure of Interest Rates,. we consider two zero coupon bonds.Example 2 A bond paying a coupon of 7% is. a zero-coupon bond,.

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Macaulay Duration Before 1938, it was well known that the maturity of a bond affected its interest rate risk, but it was also known that bonds with the same maturity could differ widely in price changes with changes to yield.

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STRIPS are zero-coupon securities issued by brokerage firms and.Note that the price-yield curve is convex, and that the modified duration is the slope of the tangent line to a particular market yield, and that the discrepancy between the price-yield curve and the modified duration increases with greater changes in the interest rate.

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Convexity is usually a positive term regardless of whether the yield is rising or falling, hence, it is positive convexity.

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The full valuation approach is based on the fact that the price of a bond is equal to the sum of the present value of each coupon payment plus the present value of the principal payment.Bond valuation and bond. rate of return or yield to maturity of the bond.Valuation models must be used in calculating new prices for changes in yield when the cash flow is modified by options.What is the modified duration for a 6 year zero coupon bond. if the duration of your coupon bond was equal to 4 for example,.Finance Exam Practice Questions. an example of the diminishing marginal. to maturity of 4.000 face value zero coupon bond has a maturity of 22 years.

Note, however, that this convexity approximation formula must be used with this convexity adjustment formula, then added to the duration adjustment: 1.

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Some additional properties of convexity include the following: Convexity increases as yield to maturity decreases, and vice versa.

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Basis Point Value (BPV) Measures the Change in Cash Price of a Bond When Yield Changes by 1 Basis Point Bond managers will often want to know how much the market value of a bond portfolio will change when interest rates change by 1 basis point.

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B6302 Sample Placement Exam Academic Year 2011-2012 Questions Only Part 1: Multiple Choice. and (b) a 1-year zero coupon bond which is trading at.

Graphically, the duration of a bond can be envisioned as a seesaw where the fulcrum is placed so as to balance the weights of the present values of the payments and the principal payment.For example, a bond with a. discount factor. so as the zero coupon bond delays all.Securities with the same duration have the same interest rate risk exposure.Since modified duration is the approximate change in bond price for a 100 basis point change in yield, the price value of a basis point is 1% of the price change predicted by modified duration.Convexity decreases at higher yields because the price-yield curve flattens at higher yields, so modified duration is more accurate, requiring smaller convexity adjustments.Below the call price, the price-yield curve follows the same positive convexity as an option-free bond, but as the yield falls and the bond price rises to near the call price, the positive convexity becomes negative convexity, where the bond price is limited at the top by the call price.

For instance, since zero-coupon bonds only pay the face value at maturity, the duration of a zero is equal to its maturity.Convexity is the rate that the duration changes along the price-yield curve, and, thus, is the 1 st derivative to the equation for the duration and the 2 nd derivative to the equation for the price-yield function.There are 20 questions in this test from the Fixed Income section of the CFA.Details, including opt-out options, are provided in the Privacy Policy.

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